Fees and taxes

This release primary addresses:

  • Install fees are not available on the platform
  • Sales tax needs to allow calculations of “non-taxable sales”
  • Nucleo needs a way to support the complexities of VoIP fees
  • When creating a customer, the address entry is duplicated on a contact, and then again on a billing address.  We now allow copying the address from the primary billing contact.

We will focus on the taxes and fees in this post.

The first step is creating the agencies to pay.  There is an assumed "internal" agency as well (think install fees).  Sales tax is based on the customer's location.  The other fees and surcharges are based on the service itself.

Next you will add the different fees you need to charge into the system.  Here are some examples.


Finally you need to assign these fees to the service plans themselves.  You can assign them to main categories, ie Broadband or a sub category such as wireless, or even a unique value to a specific service plan.  These defaults can all be overridden when adding a service to a specific customer.