The hosted and self hosting options are priced the same. We recommend the hosted solution as it is easier to get started with. We recognize some will want to host Nucleo on their own hardware platform and that is an option. The progressive pricing scale for customers who signup in 2024 is:

Customers Pricing
customers 1-200 $0.99/user/month
customers 201 - 1,000 $0.79/user/month
customers 1,001 - 5,000 $0.59/user/month
customers 5,001 - 10,000 $0.39/user/month
customers 10,001 + call

What is considered a customer

A customer is a specific element in Nucleo. A customer combines a site, a contact, and a service(s). It doesn't matter what the price of the service(s) are. So yes a free account would be counted as 1 user. Furthermore a corporate account with 5 locations all billed to headquarters would only count as one user.

License minimums and blocks

There is a minimum of 200 customers, an initial block. Thereafter, customer blocks are allocated and billed for in quantities of 100.

What isn't included in the above pricing?

The above pricing is what you would expect to pay for Nucleo. The usage of third party integrations such as but not limited to MailXstream, IPPay, Preseem, Google, Twilio, Postmark etc are not included.