Nucleo FAQ

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Detailed Feature List


  • Can be hosted and managed in the cloud by Nucleo

  • Can be hosted and managed in the cloud of your choice and managed by you.

  • Can be hosted and managed on your own local hardware and managed by you.

  • Installation via Docker Compose


  • Full Infrastructure inventory (AP/SM/OLT)

  • Full Customer CPE inventory

  • Full WYSIWYG text formatting

  • Attach documents or images to tickets, contacts, sites, devices, and customers.

    • Viewing a customer will show documents for all tickets, sites, devices etc associated with their account.
  • Internal tickets with customer collaboration coming based on demand

  • Tickets can be tied to scheduled appointments via intuitive calendar view

  • Devices have a framework and naming structure to be DNS compliant for ease of use and eventual API integration with platforms like LibreNMS

  • Manage all aspects of Tower (infrastructure) Sites

    • Setting a site as a subtype of "Tower" allows you to manage a lot more data

      • Lease terms

      • Call signs

      • Subnets

      • Electrical provider

      • Access instructions

      • Lock combinations

      • Tower Structure Type

      • Coverage Radius

      • Tower Height

      • Onsite Generator (yes/no)

    • On a device, set

      • Installation height in feet

      • Azimuth in degrees

  • Devices have ability to

    • Record speed test history

    • Record power level history

    • Record modulation levels

    • See connected customer devices on tower devices

  • If a FCC licensed link Device, ability to record

    • Call sign

    • Dish size

    • Channel size

    • Max modulation

    • Max bandwidth

    • Through the documents feature you can also upload the license and coordination paperwork

  • Device level is where the FCC technology code is set for BDC/477 reports


  • Prebill only

  • Recurring and One Time charges

  • Multi-line taxes

  • Multi-line fees

  • Automatic late fees after a grace period

  • Automatic overdue notices by email & USPS

  • Automatic notices to customer for credit card expiration by email & USPS

  • Hybrid Modern Invoice that includes account statement elements such as past due amounts and last payment

  • The system operates with daily billing runs

  • Set account billing day of month at the account level

    • Set to a specific date - ie the 1st of the month.

      • First month will automatically be prorated
    • Leave at the day of activation

  • Accurate to the penny with decimal math

  • Billing address separate from service address

  • Customers can have multiple service addresses

  • Automatic proration for services or credits that are not a full service period

  • Customer Types / Specifically indicate

    • Business

    • Residential

  • Tax Exempt Customers

  • Ability to create credits that automatically get applied to payments

  • Ability to refund credits back to the user

  • Voiding Payments

  • Creating credits from payments

  • Down to the line item payments and credit application

  • Can pay off an entire invoice or partial payments on an invoice

  • Physical address correction

    • When adding an address, google Maps autocomplete is used and can be corrected with a pinpoint on map if required.
  • Site subgroups

    • Allows for documenting multiple locations at the same address - barn, house, ticket office, warehouse etc.  Devices and services at each site sub group are grouped together in the UI.
  • Specifically set USA based County.

    • Based on Google Maps API lookup.  For sales tax and other future items that may need to reference a County.  This isn’t always obvious from the postal system mailing address.


  • Most events will be based on scheduled tickets - ie install / service call

  • View multiple field technicians calendar and scheduled jobs on a map

  • Employees color coded for easy calendar viewing

  • Upload KML files to show regions for different technicians to match employee pin colors

  • Event management.  In addition to events that can be scheduled on a ticket you can add non ticket based events such as company training, PTO, vehicle oil changes, furnace filter changes, mouse trap checks etc

    • Recurring events assigned to users

    • Scheduled install events

    • Company level events

    • Ability to modify and overwrite individual recurring events

  • Google Calendar Integration

    • Allows a user (staff / field tech) to view their scheduled jobs on their phone


  • Automatic geocoding on address entry or modification

  • Lat/Long manual setting (adjust on a map by dragging pinpoint)

  • Automatic lookup of census information based on Lat/Long via


  • A/R

  • sales by item

  • sales tax

  • other taxes and fees

  • FCC BDC/477 subscription

Provisioning / Customization

  • Integration with Preseem - allows rate control and sets speed to 0 kbps when plan is delinquent or closed.

  • Our application is API based.  So anything that is done in the UI is already being done via the API.  This allows for extreme extension of Nucleo to other 3rd party systems

  • Devices can have extra fields dynamically added to track additional information


  • Every piece of data in the system is searchable through full text search provided by Meilisearch.

  • Search sites, customers, contacts, and full text of tickets

  • All reports and search lists can be printed or opened in a spreadsheet, via CSV file format

  • CSR quick display of account information, balance, last payment, suspension date, etc.

Customer Portal

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Custom Logo, contact information

  • Online payments accepted

  • Payment methods can be added and updated

  • Can manage multiple accounts with one login - ie a reseller, IT company, or simply a business and home service.

VoIP Billing

  • Ability for multiple taxes and fees associated with VoIP to be added to the bill and reported on for remittance to proper agencies

Additional Features

  • Data import tool.  Advanced tool to visualize, adjust, and process CSV files to import into Nucleo.  This can be used at the time you first launch or when you acquire other companies.

  • Online documentation -

  • The whole application is not mobile optimized but things a field technician would do are mobile optimized:

    • Ticketing

    • Calendar

    • Adding of devices/service activation

3rd Party Integrations

  • Preseem

    • Set broadband customer rate limit

    • Enable / disable broadband customer on network

    • If service is suspended, rate limit customer to zero

    • API integration - real time

    • Requires a 3rd party account and extra fees based on usage

  • IPPay

    • API integration for credit card and ACH processing

    • Requires a 3rd party account and extra fees based on usage

  • Mailxstream

    • API integration for batch processing of daily invoices

    • Account warning letters

    • USPS mailing house to facilitate the printing and mailing of correspondence

    • Requires a 3rd party account and extra fees based on usage

  • Google Calendar

  • Google mapping API in app

  • geocoding